I remain smart even in my swimsuit

I was hearing two friends of mine discussing the fact that they can’t publish on social media pictures with them wearing swimsuits because in Romania people still judge you (or even you risk not to be taken seriously or considered credible) if you have this kind of pictures on the internet. This absurd belief is still available in 2019 and is going hand in hand … Continue reading I remain smart even in my swimsuit

Sunt deșteaptă și în costum de baie

Asistam de curând la o discuție între două prietene care spuneau că nu își pot pune poze în costum de baie pe social media deoarece în Romania încă ești judecat (și chiar nu ești luat în serios și considerat credibil) dacă ai astfel de poze pe internet. Absurditatea asta încă mai este valabilă în 2019 și merge mână în mână cu ideea ca femeile frumoase … Continue reading Sunt deșteaptă și în costum de baie

Each vegan saves nearly 200 animals per year #idomypart

According to PETA, Vegans Save 198 Animals per Year 🙂        Now that I have your attention let me tell you how I managed to make this decision for myself.        When I met the first vegetarian person I was 20 years old and it seemed something impossible to do for me. Somehow I looked at her with envy and a bit upset. Upset because … Continue reading Each vegan saves nearly 200 animals per year #idomypart

My favourite Bali beaches

There is a rumour that Bali is not a good destination if you want to see stunning beaches, because this island not famous for that. Well yes, Bali has a different kind of magic but let me tell you that this place really has some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen and this is what makes it complete. You find here everything your heart desires (well almost, I still don’t find Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam) other than that it has everything.  Continue reading My favourite Bali beaches

When souls recognize each other #Iamhereworld

Jane Austen, the author of the book “Pride and Prejudice”, never married in real life, and I think I can guess why … what’s the point of doing this if love, in reality, is nothing like the love in the books you write. Even when “a rich young man asks her to be his wife,” she did not let herself convinced even if she had said yes initially. That love, which is above the pride of the mind and against any prejudices imposed by society, was very difficult to find in those time, almost impossible to hope for it today. Continue reading When souls recognize each other #Iamhereworld